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Why does PLD suggest 'cloud-based' sheets rather than excel documents?

Why does PLD suggest 'cloud-based' sheets rather than excel documents?

Many schools have commenced the journey of introducing student tracking using Excel documents.

PLD cannot suggest more strongly that if this is the case, you evolve to a ‘cloud-based’ document for staff to simultaneously utilise.

There are so many benefits to this:

Benefit 1 - Schools never need to email PLD the tracking sheets. PLD is just provided with an access link when you require PLD's input.
Benefit 2 - The work is automatically saved in the cloud and never lost.
Benefit 3 - Schools can cluster classes on the same tracking sheet; or even junior primary, middle and upper primary on 3 separate sheets with the relevant tabs. Schools will no longer require multiple excel sheets.
Benefit 4 - There are no multiple copies of the sheets, just one copy that multiple people can access. Prior to this point multiple people could access, but only one person could input data and the others would receive a 'Read Only' version.
Benefit 5 - The tracking sheets can be processed in 'real-time' over the phone, or in a 'coaching session'.

The tracking sheets can be requested HERE.

If you would like to do this, you will need to utilise a system that allows document collaboration, like Google Sheets (or a similar system ) as is listed below.
While we're unable to provide assistance with this your IT Support staff member (or school-service) should be able to point you in the right direction, on one of these following or a completely different cloud-based system to replace EXCEL.
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft 365

IMPORTANT - Unless the multiple classrooms are plotted on the one set of tracking sheets and shared vai a cloud-based system, PLD will not be able to provide feedback and support. Providing feedback to individual classes using EXCEL is not what the PLD office can provide. We are more than happy to support schools when the above items have been implemented.

PLD does not recommend the use of EXCEL.
Excel will not easily facilitate the whole school to be plotted on the one set of tracking sheets.
Excel will also not facilitate multiple teachers collaborating (accessing, processing, adding testing results and setting targeted teaching goups) simultaneously.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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