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Do you have content available for our parent workshop?

This checklist has been updated for 2020, find out more here

Parent education sessions are a key way for educators to share tips on how parents can prepare their children for school and what they will learn. Typically conducted on an annual basis, parent sessions give the school the chance to equip their community with the tools that will reinforce their school based learning. PLD has developed specific handouts and video content for schools to use, the resources aim to involve and educate parents on how to support their child’s learning.

As a starting point, we recommend teachers spend a couple of minutes explaining how kids learn, in particular, that academic success is dependent on developing three interlocking sets of skills: Literacy, Oral Language and Movement and Motor. To help educators to quickly and easily prepare for upcoming year presentations we have pulled together all of the key downloadable resources and video presentations into one spot. The beginning of the school year is an incredibly busy time of the year. Despite the workload ahead of all of you, it is imperative that schools start their year well. With this in mind, we’ve developed the following 2020 essential resources for running a successful parent information night blog.

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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