Yes. PLD provides a 20% discount on the new version of the resources you would like to trade-in.

Step 1: Establish what is to be traded in
This can be done a number of ways:

1: Post or hand deliver the dated copies of the PLD resources to our Perth office at 116 Parry Street, Perth WA 6000

2: Scan/photograph the covers of the resources that may be traded in, and email these to us here.

3: Email the titles of the PLD publications that are to be traded in. Upon receipt of the above information (i.e. the list of items that are to be traded in) a quote can be supplied. Once the quote is accepted, please forward a purchase order number or credit card details, and the ‘trade-in’ will be processed.

Step 2: Trade in’s to be returned to the PLD office prior to the new copies being sent out
To benefit from this discount, the office must receive the ‘trade-in’ resource or be provided with
evidence of it’s destruction prior to releasing the new resource.

1: Post back to PLD all items to be ‘traded-in’. Address:
116 Parry St
Perth WA 6000

2: Remove the covers of trade-in items and post these back to the PLD office.

Step 3: New replacement items are posted out.
The trade-in discount is only provided for the newer version of the exact resource (i.e. its

To print these instructions in PDF format click HERE
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