Yes. PLD provides a 20% discount on the new version of the resources you would like to trade-in.

Step 1: Establish what is to be traded in
Fill out our online TRADE-IN FORM. Upon receipt of this form (i.e. the list of items that are to be traded in and their replacements) a quote can be supplied. Once the quote is accepted, please forward a purchase order number or credit card details, and the ‘trade-in’ will be processed.

Step 2: Trade in’s to be returned to the PLD office prior to the new copies being sent out.
To benefit from this discount, the office must receive the ‘trade-in’ resource or be provided with evidence of it’s destruction prior to releasing the new resource. (Read on for further details).

Option 1: Return all trade in items to PLD, addressed to:
PLD Organisation
116 Parry Street
Perth WA 6000

Option 2: Remove the covers of trade-in items and post these back to the PLD office.
Why remove the covers? By removing the covers, teaching staff still can use the books, while waiting for the replacements. By returning the covers, this reduces the postage costs involved in the return of the items. Importantly the older editions (in their damaged cover-less format) will then likely be removed form circulation, upon the delivery of the new items.

Step 3: New replacement items are posted out from the PLD office.
Please note that the trade in discount can be applied to any of the PLD range (with the exception of the Reading Books, RIC publications and Wikki-Stix sets)

To print these instructions in PDF format click HERE
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