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What does PLD stand for?

PLD stands for Promoting Literacy Development, which we do with our resources which deliver outcomes across 3 core areas: Literacy, Oral Language and Movement & Motor.

In the early years of PLD, this stood for Preventing Literacy Difficulties. Today, we operate as PLD, which stands for Promoting Literacy Development

PLD provides an Australian, evidence-based approach to Structured Synthetic Phonics (SSP) for primary school educators. Aligned with the Science of Reading, PLD’s SSP approach extends from the junior primary years through to upper primary years and thereby facilitating a whole school approach.

PLD’s method is derived from the disciplines of speech pathology, occupational therapy and education. As an Australian publisher and professional development provider, PLD advocates that literacy and learning outcomes are maximised for children when their Literacy, Oral Language and Movement & Motor skills are targeted.

You can learn more about PLD here.

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Updated on: 10/04/2024

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