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What do I prepare for my 'coaching session' with Diana Rigg?

Preparation for the appointment will greatly assist the efficiency of the individual session. The following details will enable Diana to understand your needs and to prepare relevant information for that meeting. Typically if prepared for the appointment, more content can be covered.

Please send through prior to the appointment:
A general list of areas to discuss.
Specific questions to answered.

Please bring along on the day:
An accession list of the PLD programs that the school has purchased.
Hard copies or a digital copy of the student performance tracking sheets (if implementing the PLD excel tracking sheets).
The school's whole school literacy strategy.
An outline of the school's literacy assessment cycles.
Details or copies of the specific literacy assessments being implemented.

If you are time poor, and are only able to collate some of the above items, this situation can also be accommodated. But sending through information prior to the booking is always recommended as you will receive more specific training.

Updated on: 10/07/2020

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