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What are the options for the staff training?

Option 1
PLD has a range of online courses available for purchase at

There is one course for the EARLY YEARS another for the FOUNDATION YEAR, another for YEAR 1 & 2 and another for YEARS 3, 4, 5 & 6. The interactive online courses flyer outlines the relevant courses are for each year level and can be emailed to PLD. Schools find it cost effective to allocate the relevant online course to each new staff member, or staff member transferring grades. If staff have further questions after viewing the online courses, there is the option to schedule in a group Q & A session. These can easily be hosted through Skype by ‘hot-spotting’ from a mobile phone. Some schools find that the online courses are sufficient, whereas other schools find that the Q & A session is an invaluable addition to the online courses.

If a quote is required, please complete this interactive online course flyer and send it to us here.

Option 2
Schedule a school-based session. For further details and associated fees, please submit your enquiry here.

Option 3
In the PLD training room, there are term-based and school-holiday based seminars. A list of upcoming dates can be viewed and booked directly at HERE.

Updated on: 10/07/2020

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