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We are keen to implement PLD, what is the cost to get PLD up and running in a school? (i.e. K-6 or P-2 or K-2)

Successful implementation of PLD requires three components: professional development, student tracking and evidence-based programs. To get PLD up and running in your school, there needs to be a commitment to each of these three areas. This can seem like it would be a significant outlay for schools but at PLD we have found ways to cater to schools on all budgets.

1. Professional Development
Option 1: The most immediate, flexible and cost-effective option for training staff is the online courses. The courses run between 1-4 hours in length. They can be completed over a staff meeting time or on a pupil free day. We offer a course for:
The EARLY YEARS - Kindergarten (WA/QLD/SA/TAS), Preschool (NSW/ACT/NT/VIC)
FOUNDATION - Pre-Primary(WA), Kindergarten (NSW/ACT), Preparatory (QLD/VIC/TAS) Reception (SA), Transition (NT)
Year 1 & 2
Year 3, 4, 5 & 6

For schools wishing to ‘launch’ PLD, we can offer discounts on the courses as a one time only offer. To take advantage of this offer schools are required to fill out the attached form and email it to Please note: This initial training discount price is only applied when it is accompanied by an order of 'starter' resources. Beyond the completion of the online courses, other professional learning options exist: school-based PD's, staff meeting sessions, Skype/Zoom/Video conferencing sessions, seminars etc.

Option 2: Seminar attendance: To read further on this:

Option 3: School-based professional development: To download the booking form read here:

2. PLD Programs & 'starter' packs
PLD has a ‘core’ or ‘essential’ range of resources to facilitate the learning outlined within the online courses. In order to provide a quote on the starter programs required, please submit details such as:
What year levels are you looking to implement PLD? (e.g. K-2, P-2, K-6, 3-6)
How many classes require programs?
How are the classes organised? (e.g. 2 x Year 1/2, 2 x P, 2 x Year 3)
A general indication of your school budget is not compulsory but does help us to assist your needs. This information can be collated here.

3. Student Tracking
Tracking the literacy development of students is central to the PLD process. PLD views every primary classroom as different, as each classroom has a specific range in student ability. The placement tests identify exactly what learning needs exist within the class and thereby highlight the targeted teaching that is required. When multiple classes or the whole school enter the student results into the tracking sheet, this facilitates a medium for the school leaders to manage the instruction occurring across years levels and across classrooms. Each free-to-download screen is relatively time-efficient to administer and the results can be integrated within the ready-to-use tracking sheets.

Gains with the PLD program are maximised when schools invest in a consistent screening and tracking process.

A general indication of your school budget is not compulsory but does help us to assist your needs. This information can be collated here.

For the office to be able to create a quote can you complete and return the online course and PLD general enquiry forms to

Updated on: 02/06/2020

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