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School Leaders How to implement PLD successfully?

Literacy is a key focus of primary school. PLD’s evidence-based program focuses on teaching Structured Synthetic Phonics (SSP), in conjunction with motor & movement & oral language skills, to help children achieve broad level literacy skills.

Students rely on both their classroom teachers and the school leadership team to properly implement programs that will help them achieve critical literacy skills. For this reason, PLD has dedicated programs and processes for both classroom teachers at a primary school level and for school leaders, to assist in a cohesive school-wide implementation.

When implemented together, a whole school literacy focus is created, which maximises students’ learning and development as they progress through their primary school years. Our programs are specifically designed to answer the critical questions of:

What and When to Teach?
What, When and How to Screen and Reporting on the Data Collected?
Catering for the Range in Ability?

We are confident that by implementing PLD in a rigorous way across the school, leadership will be able to direct and focus the entire team, to facilitate the best literacy results possible in the junior primary and also into the middle and upper primary.

Complete the online course and download the School Leaders implementation manual HERE.

Updated on: 27/11/2020

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