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My school is keen to implement PLD’s programs and processes across the school. What do you suggest?

Recommendation 1: Training is recommended for staff transitioning to different year levels and for staff who haven’t attended a PLD presentation for several years.

Option 1: Seminars in the PLD training room. The school holiday seminars are a cost effective option, as schools are not funding relief teachers. To register click here.
Option 2: Online courses for the relevant year levels. Many schools on the pupil free days ask teaching and support staff to view 2 hours of the PLD online courses. This is an extremely cost-effective form of training and a medium which up-skills all staff simultaneously. To view click here.

Recommendation 2: Following the training related to each classroom's functioning, schedule a staff meeting session to bring all staff members together, with a unifying understanding of the 'Whole School Literacy Strategy'. If a local school, this can be scheduled in person, if outside the metro area, Skype or Video Conference sessions can be scheduled. Within this session many schools also ask to 'introduce' the PLD tracking excel sheets process. In order to achieve this:

Prior to the staff meeting, the excel sheets are converted into 'cloud' based sheets (so that staff can access the sheets simultaneously). The names of the students in each class are also added (typically by reception staff).
Classroom teachers are then asked to bring along testing information on their class, which will be entered. Typically the testing consists of:

EARLY YEARS teachers completing one or two subtest from the Early Years Pre-literacy Screening.
FOUNDATION teachers will be are required to complete one or two assessments. For the students not yet reading and spelling they will be presented with sections of the Foundation Years Pre-literacy Screening and for the students who are reading the Early Reading Profile Foundation Year Screening will be presented.
YEAR 1-6 teaching staff will be required to present the Phonic Sight Word Sequence Spelling Test.

Recommendation 3: Without being excessive, classrooms will require a basic set of starter resources to assist the implementation within the classroom.

The following forms can assist commence the process of providing costs to schools:
Whole School Literacy Strategy
General Enquiry Form
Online course flyer

For more information on how your school can get started with PLD resources visit:

Updated on: 18/12/2019

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