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I have lost or misplaced parts or cards from a PLD program. Can you supply replacement pages or cards?

The loss of cards (or elements from a program) can occur from a range of sitiuations. Sometimes the loss is due to items not being returned from home. Othertimes the misplacement or loss of items occurs within the school setting. It is common for schools to request replacement cards when elements of a PLD program hve been lost or misplaced.

Over the last 5 years, to counteract this occurence, PLD has converted the majority of PLD publications into spiral bound editions. In these titles all elements are now included in the spiral bound format. There are a small number of PLD publications where the spiral binding has not occurred. It is typically from these items that we receive requests to replace elements.

Keep in mind, that when purchasing from other stores (e.g. Games World, Kmart, Big W, Myers, Toy World etc) if elements in the purchase were lost, the store would not replacement elements free of charge. Any other store would direct customers to purchasing a full replacement item.

PLD has adopted a similar policy.

Option 1: Order a full replacement from the PLD site.
Option 2: Trade in the previous version for a 20% dicount. The details on PLD's trade in policy can be located here:

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Updated on: 28/04/2020

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