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I am keen to conduct some research on PLD programs. Is any collaboration possible?

PLD welcomes and supports any PhD or Masters research that would involve PLD in some way.

Do know that for the research to be valid, it is imperative that the research is carried out independent of PLD. So, the support that PLD can provide to university research projects is limited.

There are topics that PLD's materials could be incorporated into. If such a situation would arise, PLD would support the scheduled research by equipping schools/classrooms with the relevant PLD programs and providing training. This would occur free of charge. Then independent of PLD, the research would occur and we at PLD would welcome the independent results (positive or negative).

A meeting to discuss potential research topics with Diana Rigg can be arranged. Prior to a meeting being scheduled, an email outlining some of the areas of interest and/or potential research topics must be forwarded. Get in contact with us HERE.

Updated on: 21/02/2020

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