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I am involved in setting up a new school. What would be involved in implementing PLD's programs and processes in the new school?

Alternatively, you may be an existing school and you are keen to investigate if PLD has programs and processes that may enhance literacy and learning levels within your school.

The PLD Programs: Your best starting point is to view the downloadable booklet: Scheduling PLD's Resources Within a Whole School Literacy Plan.

The purpose of this document is to provide an implementation outline to assist schools in scheduling the PLD programs within a broad school-based strategy. When PLD resources are embedded within a whole-school strategy a level of consistency is achieved and the results from the programs are maximised. This document outlines how the PLD literacy, oral language and motor range of resources can be applied within a school. Each page provides suggested time frames and implementation recommendations, with reference to specific PLD resources.

Keep in mind it may be appropriate for schools to adapt the timing of the skills outlined within this document. Schools may also choose to implement some or all of the recommended outlines. This booklet is designed to be a broad guide which can be adapted to the specific needs of each school.

Professional Development:
In terms of staff training, you have options of attending one of the PLD seminars, online courses,, school based sessions, or Skype 'coaching-session'. Links for each of these options have been provided.

General Enquiry Form:
Finally if you would take a few minutes to provide your contact details and summarise your potential areas of need, someone from the PLD office will be back in contact soon. General Enquiry Form.

Updated on: 20/02/2020

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