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Discounts, competitions, promotions and offers from PLD

As a general rule, PLD does not offer discounts on our range. Successful implementation of PLD requires three components: Professional Learning, Screening with Tracking and PLD whole-school programs. Within each of these components PLD offers standard discounts:

Professional Development Discounting
Seminar Discounting - Seminars are held PLD office throughout the year, if you book 30 days prior to the event an Early Bird rate of $30 per booking. SPELD partnered seminars are subject to the member and non-member pricing which is set by SPELD.
Online Course Discounting - Find out more HERE.

PLD Programs Discounting
Starter Packs Discounting - New for 2020, PLD have created a range of Essential and Ultimate starter packs for each year level. These packs contain everything you need for your classroom in each of the three areas - Literacy, Oral Language, Movement and Motor, all with a 15% discount attached. Find out more here:
Multiple Purchase Discounting - We also offer generous discounts for multiple copies of the same title. The discount structure is as follows:
- 5 to 9 copies – 15% discount automatically applied at checkout
- 10+ copies – 20% discount automatically applied at checkout
Trade-Ins Discounting - If you would like to update your existing PLD programs to revised versions, we can offer you 20% on the revised titles. Find out more information here:
eBooks The PLD eBooks are discounted 20% from the print book prices, view our eBook range here.

Screening & Tracking Discounting
Screening Tools - All of the the PLD screening tools are available to download free of charge from the PLD website. Click here to download the resources for your year level:
Student Tracking Sheets - Register here: to download the PLD tracking sheets. Once you have entered your details the tracking sheets will be emailed to you.

Downloadable Parent Information and Teaching Milestones
Within each age range, PLD has developed parent information sheets and relevant downloads. Please go to: to download the resources for your classroom.

Please note: The PLD Screening Tools and Downloadable Milestone Guides are subject to copyright. Please see our copyright terms here.

Whole School Implementation Discounting
If you are new to PLD and looking for a quote on whole school implementation, please contact for a quote specific to your needs.

Separate to the above standard discounts, from time to time, we may schedule short term competitions or promotions.

Competition or Promotions Discounting
From time to time PLD may run promotions on our website or through our social media channels which are subject to both Terms and any additional promotion-specific terms which are incorporated into these Terms by reference. You should ensure that you read the specific conditions that apply to each promotion. By proceeding to purchase you agree and accept the terms of the applicable promotion(s). When running a competition or a promotion, the following standard terms and conditions apply:
All sales are final
The start date/time and end date/time are final. Once the competition or promotion has finished no further correspondence will be entered into.
Only one offer per customer, multiple use of a promotional code by the same customer will be void.
The promotional / coupon code must be applied during the checkout process. If this is not done, PLD will not accept an adjustment to an order once it has been confirmed.
You can view our full terms and conditions, along with our copyright policy here:
PLD will list below the terms of any promotion within the last 90 days. Once the 90 days has passed, the promotion information will be removed from the PLD website.

How do I register for an online course using a coupon code?
How do I redeem a promo code for Apps?
How do I get a promo code? To be the first to hear of any offers please sign up to our email newsletter HERE or follow us on Facebook HERE.

Promotions within the last 90 days:
04-12 June 2020 - Win a $500 PLD voucher. You can find entry details here:

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact

Updated on: 04/06/2020

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