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Delayed Return to School Due to COVID-19 (Shorter Term)

For schools that are experiencing a delayed start to Term 1, the screening schedules in the PLD Screening and Tracking Manuals will need to be modified.

Term 1 is the only term with Week 1 testing so this will need to occur as soon as possible when students begin school for the year.

With regards to the midterm and end of term screening in the Early Years & Foundation; should the term only be 8 weeks, schedule the midterm screens accordingly (ie in Week 4 or 5), and the end of term testing in the final week of the term (ie Week 8).

With all of the uncertainty with the COVID-19 disruption, PLD encourages educators to try and keep attentive to the teaching, and the PLD screening and reporting processes with the weeks available.

End of term screening is still recommended to be scehduled, even though the term will have been shorter.

From a PLD point of view, students should be responding to the classroom program after 5-6 weeks. Typically teachers have beeen 9 and 11 weeks to rensure there is an increase in skill development, before an end of term review is scheduled.

Due to COVID (and disruptions to the term), measurable improvmenet should still be eveident, event within a reduced length of term, however the amount of progress is likley to be reduced.

PLD suggests to work to the testing schedule in each of the screening and tracking manuals as closely as possible, even in the COVID years.

Updated on: 22/02/2022

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