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At PLD we do upgrade our range of books.

We are constantly reviewing the ever expanding research base and this impacts the programs we design and release. In addition, through the consultancy we are review how schools implement the programs, and from this we can see what amends are required so that the implementation is aligned with the evidence-base.

If you purchased one of our programs and it was updated within 6 months you can request to swap your purchase to the newer addition. HOWEVER this request MUST occur within 6 months after your purchase date.

To request a swap please:
Supply the proof of purchase (i.e the invoice with the date being within the 6 month period)
Return the book after school hours or within the school holidays (i.e. if within the metropolitan area). If outside the metropolitan area, the cover will need to be removed and returned to the PLD office, along with a self addressed postage paid envelope.

If PLD staff are required to search and locate invoices and/or post out books a $35 administration and postage fee will be charged.

When schools have purchased multiple copies of books, PLD will investigate and see what can be done to upgrade the stock of the books within the school on a case by case basis. When enquiring about this, please provide office staff with the book titles, exact number of the books purchased and the dates of purchase. Please send all requests of this nature and required details to:

Updated on: 06/12/2019

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