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Requests to review a school's PLD tracking sheets. What steps are required?

Tracking and reporting of student progress and the classroom implementation of PLD is central to the PLD process. For this reason, we are keen to support the process of introducing and effectively utilizing the PLD tracking sheets.
As you can imagine, many schools request this support. It is imperative that we receive school tracking sheets that have been sufficiently prepared along with clear instructions on what is being requested. Below is a checklist, that we request that you have a look at before Diana spends time on your school tracking sheets. 

Step 1: Provision of Clear Instructions: Have you added to your email request, i.e., details of what specifically you are seeking from the review of your school data? Information on how the school is progressing, and why the support is being requested. Is it is the current term's class profiling or the full-year results that you are seeking feedback on?

Step 2: PLD will not review tracking sheets if they are in the format of EXCEL. Only cloud-based tracking sheets will be reviewed. EXCEL is not recommended, but cloud-based versions of the tracking sheets will enable to whole school to collaborate on the spreadsheets simultaneously. Read more on cloud-based formats here:

Step 3: Individual classroom tracking sheets will not be accepted. The tracking sheets are designed to profile each of the participating classrooms within the school on the one set fo tracking sheets. Make sure each classroom is allocated to a specific tab on the whole school cloud-based spreadsheet.

Step 4: Check each classroom's results before sending it through to PLD and possibly refer the class teachers to a short video: Have the teachers purely added test scores to the spreadsheets, or have they engaged in the full process of establishing three targeted teaching groups for each year level and a classroom implementation plan? You will find the short (7-10 minute videos in STEP 4) for:
The Early Years (or Kindy/PreSchool):

The Foundation video:

The Year 1 and 2 video:

The Year 3-6 video:

The videos provide clear instructions on what is expected for each year level.

Step 5: Have the School Leaders and/or the Literacy Coordinator viewed this short FREE online course, Leading the implementation of PLD within your school community: Scroll down to locate the course. the associated manual has many examples of good and poor data entry.

It is common for schools to find that when they have progressed through Step 2 and Step 3, there is a reduced need for Diana Rigg to review the school data, or that some of the issues that were encountered will have been resolved from the information provided. 

Diana is very happy to review school data, but on the condition that the above points have been adhered to.

Once ready, please email the link to the results to If the PLD office open the spreadsheets and identify that items above have not been attended to, the sheets will be returned along with a request that the specific step(s) be completed. Once attended to, PLD will be happy to receive the tracking sheets

Updated on: 03/03/2021

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