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PM Benchmarking? What do you suggest? Can PM's be incorporated with SSP/PLD?

PM is not-evidence based. PM Benchmarking is based upon Whole Language and Balanced Literacy theory, both of which are incompatible with Structured and Synthetic Phonics (SSP).

Schools who are keen to retain PM's but also adopt PLD are recommended to read the following:

Review the recommended evidence-based programs from AUSPELD:

Review another recommeded evidence-base list from Learning Difficulties Australia (and particularly page 17):

Rather than retaining PM's/Whole Language and adding SSP, schools are instead recommended to move away from PM's/Whole Language/Balanced Literacy:

The following Blog outlines a process

SSP and Whole Language are totally incompatible. They will not easily merge together.

PLD is keen to support schools, in their plans to move towards programs and processes supported by research and the Science of Reading. This process will likely take time in schools, as Whole Language and Balanced Literacy is well entrenched. It is likely to be a confronting process as schools review what is no longer aligned with the research.

Recommended Reading:
Benchmarking assessments and levelling should be consigned to history: Jennifer Buckingham

Just to clarify – Three-cueing causes devastation, heartbreak and illiteracy: James Dobson :

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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