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Can I request the PLD excel tracking sheets to enhance the school’s implementation of PLD by tracking student performance each term?

For a comprehensive guide to using the PLD Screens and Tracking Sheets, as well as demonstration videos presented by Diana Rigg, please see the year level specific pages:

Early Years including the Screening & Tracking Manual along with a training video
Foundation including the Screening & Tracking Manual along with a training video
Year 1 & 2 including the Screening & Tracking Manual along with a training video
Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 including the Screening & Tracking Manual along with a training video

Time-efficient screening and tracking of student development is central to the PLD process. The termly screens will assist teachers to determine the range in ability evident within the classroom, cluster students into three targeted teaching groups and set targeted learning foci for the term ahead. PLD advocates tracking from the Early Years to Year 6. To assist this process, PLD supplies school-wide tracking sheets that have already been set up for use.

The sheets that have been set up in the document include:
A tab labelled "Read this first" with instructions on how to download the document.
A sheet for tracking skill development in the Early Years.
A sheet for tracking pre-literacy, reading & spelling in Foundation year.
A range of sheets for Years 1 to 6 classes with one dedicated sheet for spelling data, and another for reading data.
A sheet for a combined Foundation & Year 1 class.
A tab labelled "Low Junior Primary Class" which is particularly relevant for remote and/or general classes with a significant proportion of students who are unable to read, spell and write as it includes pre-literacy and age-appropriate screening
The final two sheets relate to individual profiling of skills; ideal for Education Support pre-literacy and early literacy profiling.

The PLD Tracking Sheets are designed to be adapted to match the PLD Teaching Sequence as outlined in the downloadable teaching sequence and screening & tracking manuals for the relevant year level/s.

If you would like to receive this document, please go here and request the PLD Tracking Sheets.

General guidelines for using the document to track student progress can be found via the links above.

Tip: Converting the tracking sheets into a 'cloud-based' sheet e.g. a Google Sheet/Teams/OneDrive/SharePoint link will enable multiple staff to access and enter data simultaneously. This method is strongly recommended and can be set facilitated by your school's IT support staff. Keeping the school-wide tracking sheet document as a cloud-based file prevents different "versions" of the document being populated.

For further details about the cloud-based format please see this FAQ:

You can request support with the tracking sheets via this link:

Updated on: 30/11/2021

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