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PLD Upgrading Books to Newer Editions

The PLD Policy
At PLD we follow international research and update our offering to schools accordingly. As a publisher, PLD aims to translate the evidence-base into classroom programs.
The literature base in the area of literacy is never fixed. Research is constantly reviewing and outlining what is effective and likely to produce more significant gains.
Through PLD’s strong ties with schools, we are aware of how the PLD programs are being implemented. The feedback on implementation can also be a catalyst for program improvements.
PLD strives to be evidence-based. There are many publishers that are still printing, marketing and selling programs and classroom resources that are not aligned with the evidence-based, but rather dated theories aligned with ‘Whole Language’ and ‘Balanced Literacy’.
The implication of these points is that PLD programs will be updated. At PLD we view this as a strength of being a small ‘agile publisher’.

Are the program updates major or minor?
Like the upgrading of technology and for example mobile phones, the latest model may be desirable, but earlier models still do an adequate job. Over time, it may be necessary to update the phone/technology.
Often, the program updates are quite minor. From one year to the next, the programs often change in small ways. It is uncommon that if a book is 3 years old, that it requires an update.
When programs are over 5 to 10 years old, it is likely (but not always the case) that the content and layouts are significantly different.

How can you check whether it is worth upgrading the book?
All current editions of PLD can be viewed online. By selecting PREVIEW, all PLD publications can be viewed. It is then possible to compare the editions within the school with the current editions available.

To assist, PLD offers a ‘Trade-In’ discount, when schools wish to update their materials.

In addition, from time to time, we offer an upgrade special. Such as is currently running for the Phonic Dictation range.

If schools have 2018 editions, it may not be necessary to update.
Schools with 2011, 2013 and 2015 editions are strongly recommended to take advantage of this offer.
If schools have a mixture of older and newer editions Phonic Dictation books, it is also recommended that the older editions are phased out and replaced by the 2020 and current editions.

To assist schools with the upgrading, PLD is offering a short term 50% off the upgrade until 28th February 2021.

Updated on: 07/12/2020

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