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Interpreting the results from the PLD 'Early Reading Profile'

For an overview of PLD's screening and tracking process, go here:

The above reading profile can be downloaded form the web site:

The screen reflects on two areas of early reading:
Accuracy - can the child 'crack the code' and verbalise the words.
Automaticity - can the child also do this in a manner that is efficient, (with reduced sounding and ultimately predominately whole word, with some fall back decoding, if unsure).

e.g. with emerging readers students will largely decode simplistic words, and that is fine. As the year progresses students will begin to chunk (e.g. onset and rime reading) or whole word read, when exposed to the simplistic words). As the words become more difficult, students typically start to decode. Decoding is an indicator of the type of words and phonic concepts that likely require repeated rehearsal to build to automaticity.

Accuracy and fluency is the aim. Typically accuracy is what you first focus on, then fluency later, but both are essential to be come an skilled reader.

Other reading assessments can also be found here:

Updated on: 13/08/2020

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