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Can I install apps on multiple devices?

In school environments, third-party systems are usually used to allow easy purchasing and deployment of apps to all school devices, and these usually allow access to the VPP (Volume Purchasing Program) which provides schools with a 50% discount. An individual licence must be purchased for each app for each individual device. For example, If you would like to purchase 1 app and install it on 20 devices, you would need to purchase 20 licences. Similarly, if you would like to purchase 8 apps to be installed on 20 devices, it would be necessary to purchase 160 licences. Once a licence has been purchased, they will be active for as long as the iTunes account is active and because we continue to update the apps to support newer versions of iOS, you will be able to continue using the apps in your school for years to come. For more information about the VPP, please check out this link.

For individual users, if you purchase our apps via the App Store or Google Play, the apps will be available on all devices that are logged in with that account. Note: App Store purchases will only be available across iOS devices while Google Play Store purchases will be available across Google Play devices that are logged in with the same account.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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