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Who enters the student results into the tracking sheets? Teachers? Someone in the leadership team? Or someone at PLD?

It is a PLD position, that classroom teachers should be managing the termly tracking sheets.

This means classroom teachers (rather than assistants or support staff) present the placement tests termly.
This means classroom teachers mark the assessments each term.
This means classroom teachers (rather than admin) enter the test scores into the PLD tracking sheets each term.

Why? It is through marking, analysing and processing the placement tests that teachers are establishing their programs and teaching plan for the term ahead. Hence it makes sense that classroom teachers engage in this process.

It is common for teachers to require assistance either from; cluster leaders, literacy coordinators, the deputy at the school .... or even direct from the PLD office. It is NEVER recommended that one person establishes the teaching plan for all of the classes. Classroom teachers are in the best position to complete this process.

For each class, it will commonly amount to a 10-15 minute job to establish a termly teaching plan, . Just watch these two short videos that demonstrate what must be done:

How to use the tracking sheets and the three functions required.

How to Prepare PLD Tracking Sheets for Feedback.

If you would like assistance, we can help. Once you have completed your placement tests and entered the results into the tracking sheets, PLD would welcome the opportunity to help with your grouping and further planning. Click on the link to book a free session to get feedback.

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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