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What is the purpose of the 'Early Literacy Screening Tool' and how does it differ to other screens found in PLD's WSLP?

The Early Year Pre-Literacy Screening Tool, located in the Early Years Screening & Tracking Manual, is a screen that was used extensively within the PLD clinic. It is useful when profiling individual students and also particularly useful when seeking a detailed profile when students are not progressing at the rate of their peers.

The single word reading section is similar to the Early Reading Profile – Year 1 and 2
The single word spelling section is similar to the Phonic Sight Word Sequence Placement Screen

What is different is that the Early Literacy Screening Tool also reviews phonics skills and phonemic awareness blending and segmenting skills. If reading and spelling skills are progressing well, as determined by the screens above, the additional phonics and phonemic awareness screens are not really necessary. This is why the Early Literacy Screening Tool more appropriate for only a proportion of your students that require a more detailed investigation.

Updated on: 29/10/2020

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