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The school is looking at PLD or UFLI. How do the two processes compare?

UFLI Foundations is an evidence based explicit and systematic phonics programs, and a valid option for schools seeking to move away from Balanced Literacy and to whole school SSP approach.

UFLI is a K-2 program, lessons 1-68 for K, lessons 35-110 for Year 1 and lessons 63-128 for Year 2. In comparison PLD offers a pre-K (or Early Years) through to Year 6 program.

Keep in mind that each SSP program will offer a specific phonic progression. UFLI’s SSP sequence is somewhat similar to PLD’s but there are differences. As explained this is common to all SSP programs as the current research base has not established what the 'ideal' and recommended phonic progression actually is. For this reason, there are variations between programs. In UFLI each K-2 year level will cover a high level similar phonic content, but the presentation order from term to term of that content within the year that differs. Importantly however over the year, both PLD and ULFI should deliver fairly similar phonic outcomes.

With UFLI each year level commences with a significant overlap from the previous year level. The difference with PLD is that it commences with a placement test to determine the specific range in ability and the specific teaching needs within the term and year.

Lessons 1-34 focus upon the alphabet and CVC words
Lessons 35-41 focus upon vowels and longer words CCVC and CVCC etc.
Lessons 42-53 focus on early digraphs such as ck, sh, ch, wh, ph and double consonants.
Lessons 54-62 focus upon split vowels a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e and u-e and -ce, -get

Keep in mind that as this article remiands school, it is not the program as such, but rather a broader range of issues that impact the success and outcomes of a program:

The fundamental difference between the range of high- quality phonics programs currently available is not significant.
Rather the factors that are likely to influence the success of a program include: the amount of quality training provided to the teaching staff, the time dedicated to the delivery of content, the resourcing and ongoing support available to the teachers and the fidelity of the program delivery.

Schools can either investigate PLD as a whole school process or UFLI in the junior primary and then from Year 3 transition across to PLD. Both are valid and workable options.
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Updated on: 09/01/2024

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