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The PLD decodable reading books are working really well. Are there additional sets?

Decodable readers are really important for establishing early reading. Beginning readers progress more rapidly in their skills when provided with high quality reading material. For this reason, it is this age range that PLD has aimed to cater for with the PLD curated sets of reading books. The book sets have also aimed to provide ample sets of reading books, as there is an issue with many decodable sets, that the decodable reading sets progress too fast through the levels. Hence students may start reading decodable books but then end up back on the poor quality reading books. Schools having ample stocks of decodable readers is essential.

However, beyond the first year of reading books, many readers can progress onto more general reading series as they have established word attack strategies. The NSW download explains this quite well.

Undoubtedly, some students will require (and will benefit from) decodable reading series beyond their first year of reading. There are many other reading decodable reading series. The most extensive list I have found has been compiled by the Speech Pathologist Alison Clarke. This link will direct you to her extensive list of decodable reading series.

View each of PLD's Decodable Reading Book Sets HERE:

Updated on: 06/01/2021

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