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The page numbers for phonic dictation do not always match the Teaching Sequence Manuals and the Time-Savers Range.

The page numbers reflect the current and most recent editions of the books.

All manuals can be downloaded here:
Please note that the manuals on an ongoing basis, do become updated.

If you are using older editions of the Phonic Dictation Programs or the Time-Savers Range there will be a discrepancy and these editions will not match the page numbers stated in the Teaching Sequence Manuals.

Older versions of Phonic Dictation, these page numbers may differ from the manuals

Click HERE to check what updates have made to the Time-Savers and Phonic Dictation resources.


Upgrade Phonic Dictation with 50% discount! ​The 2021 update features the phonic passages and timed repeated reading that schools know and trust along with an updated format and new illustrations. From Term 3 in Foundation through to the end of Year 6, the 2021 version of Phonic Dictation is an essential program pivotal to successful implementation outlined in PLD’s Teaching Sequence Manuals.
Upgrade Time-Savers with 20% discount! The most recent updates feature contents pages and links to the dictation passages making the resources more user-friendly than previous versions.
Do note that if the school has a school licence for the Timesaver or Phonic Dictation range, each teacher will automatically be receiving the new updates and the most current versions automatically.

If you are using ebooks, you will notice that the page numbers for the document may be correct, but that the PDF page numbers are different. This is due to the PDF including the front cover and contents as pages. Please remember to allow for this when printing documents and check the PDF page number before you print.

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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