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Science of Reading and PLD. PLD recommends additional training in the Science of Reading

PLD is one of the recommended evidence based and evidence-informed SSP programs, aligned with the Science of Reading.

You can find links to different articles and reports in the evidence base section of the website.

Evidence Base for PLD
In addition to the PLD training outlining how to implement PLD's programs, it is highly recommended that schools also engage in general training on the Science of Reading.

The following list will provide some suggestions. Most of the following organisations above also offer online presentations and/or host international speakers.

Source 1: South Australia but also available for Zoom sessions
Sandy Russo Consulting
Phone: 0407 259 620

Source 2: The Reading and Writing Centre in Brisbane

Source 3: Dyslexia SPELD Foundation

Source 4: The Science of Reading in Schools

Source 5: Learning Difficulties Australia (LDA)

Other Resources

Reading List

Updated on: 02/03/2023

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