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School Support and Professional Learning Options

Access to Free Support Services

The following options are available free of charge through the PLD office:

Q&A Coaching Session Phone Call BOOK HERE
Q&A Coaching Session Zoom Meeting BOOK HERE
Tracking Sheet Feedback BOOK HERE
School Leader 30 Minute Consult BOOK HERE
15 Minute Classroom Teacher Consult BOOK HERE

Professional Learning In-Schools

School-based PL allows schools to educate whole-school staff at one time on your premises or online.

The content for each session is tailored to address the specific needs of an individual school. We have several consultancy options available:
School-based PD available as a full day, half day or one-to-two hour staff meetings
Coaching consults (face-to-face, Teams or Zoom)
Small group or individual ‘coaching’ held at PLD

Download the Booking Form HERE

Consultancy Fees

Fee information can be accessed HERE

Online Courses

An option for staff professional learning/development when schools are unable to secure the dates they are seeking or when staff budgets are limited are the PLD Online Courses.

Staff can view the content online for 3 months and a certificate is awarded at the end of the course.
The online courses provide the information required for implementation, but it is common that a ‘Q&A’ session is scheduled in a staff meeting time or via ZOOM/Teams to answer any outstanding questions.

Online Course information can be accessed HERE

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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