Thank you for your interest in PLD. Yes, PLD are one of the Australian whole-school evidence-based SSP options available to choose from. For a full list of the recommended programs from independent national organisations refer to:
page 17 here:

In making the decision of whether to implement PLD or one of the other listed programs, schools often reach out for information, so that they can make an informed choice.
PLD has created a free school leader course and an accompanying downloadable manual:
PLD can provide the school leadership team/decision-makers with free online courses, which outline PLD's implementation within the school. Requests can be made directly to
School leaders can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Diana Rigg the founder of PLD to ask questions about the program, using this link:
All of the PLD programs can be opened online by selecting PREVIEW BOOK. In addition, each program has an explanatory short video. For example
The office can also supply you with an implementation quote, once it is communicated what the schools's class structure is. e.g. Early Years x 2, Foundtaion x 2, F/1 x 1, Year 2/3 x 3, Year 4 x 2, Year 5/6 x 2.

It is our policy to TRY not to give out school names. The flow of visitors and requests for information does add pressure to schools, and some of this can be sourced directly from the PLD office, but if you have exhausted all of the items above and still require further information, we can see what we can gather for you.

Kind regards, Diana Rigg
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