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Reading Intervention for Students Operating Above 3, Who Still Require Intensive Reading Instruction

What happens when students can read Stage 3 words with accuracy, but still need intervention?
These students typically are identified by low standardised reading scores when compared to their age, identifying their word accuracy as below expected levels.
These students may be able to read words (Stages 1-3), but their automaticity and rate of reading is below expected levels.
These students may present with a low reading fluency score.

What to do for these students?

Suggestion 1: Repeated Reading for Fluency.
Repeated timed reading throughout the week using the PLD dictation passages requires a student to read the same passage multiple times until an appropriate level of fluency is reached.
Calculate their Fluency (and Words Correct Per Minute). This is important, because there is a strong correlation with reading comprehension. Reduced levels of fluency will impact comprehension. More information in our Blog here.
PLD's Fluency and Words Correct Per Minute can be found on Page 20 of the Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 Screening & Tracking Manual. (Below).
Words Correct Per Minute and Dictation Passages
Suggestion 2: Daily Oral Reading.
It is easy in the business of the classroom to forget to make time for daily oral reading.
Daily oral reading to an adult, and the adult providing correct feedback and support is a must to keep rehearsing and supporting reading skills.
This could be in the form of repeated reading using the same text or continuous reading (also known as wide reading) for a specific amount of time, from different text daily. More here.

Suggestion 3: These students still require decodable reading books.
The catch-up books from our selection of decodable readers (catalogue below) are recommended. The series are decodable but are designed to appeal to older readers.
Books such as the Amber Guardian Series , have increased text and fewer images.
More information in our Blog here:

Updated on: 11/04/2023

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