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Our school needs decodable reading books. What should we consider before requesting a quote or placing an order?

Consider whether the decodable reading books will be used for:
Home reading books?
In-class group reading books?
Both scenarios?
Schools operating with budget constraints may aim to purchase the books in stages. For example home reading books one year then in-class group reading books in the subsequent year.

Consider what year levels will require the decodable reading books?
Year 1 and 2?
Support students in Years 3-6? It can be useful to estimate the percentage of students that will be in each class/year level that will need to access the books. Give thought to whether students will be reading in groups and how many sets of books will be required.

Consider what your estimated budget will be.
You can then access the catalogue and
The price list is available here:

Another option is to organise the screening first, to determine the levels at which students are reading (and hence the reading material required)
The Foundation version:
The Year 1/2 version:
The Year 3-6 version:

Updated on: 12/01/2024

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