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Onset & Rime - What has changed? How does it function within PLD from 2024?

PLD is committed to reading the release of new research, and alanysing how the PLD range is impacted by new research. From this annual process the following change has emerged.
Onset & Rime Blending is NOT Associated with Structured Synthetic Phonics, but a Linguistic Framework Instead.

As such, PLD has made some modifications to the Foundation teaching sequence and screening tests.

Onset & Rime in the Early Years

PLD will still produce Learning to Blend Onset & Rime, but it will be largely associated with the Early Years Program, following a Linguistic framework and not a SSP framework.

You can download the updated Early Years Teaching Sequence Manual HERE.

Onset & Rime in the Early Years

Onset & Rime in Foundation

Onset & Rime Blending will no longer be incorporated in the Foundation teaching sequence or screening assessments.

Onset & Rime Removed from Foundation Sequence & Screen

However, at a Foundation level, it is still an option for Tier 2 and 3 students who are slow to progress with 3 phoneme blending.

Updated on: 23/08/2023

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