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My Foundation Class is low, should I drop down and teach the Early Years teaching sequence?

What if your students are new to school, have not been exposed to the Early Years program?
What if you have low entry level students to a Foundation class?
Should we drop down and teach the Early Years program?

PLD's stance is to NEVER drop down to teach the Early Years Teaching Sequence to Foundation Students, unless the particular students are likely to receive a NDIS/Special Education Needs diagnosis which is likely to attract funding.
Although some students, and in some cases, whole classes of students may not have had exposure to the Early Years program
it is never advised to drop down to the Early Years program in Foundation.

What we should do instead is provide the Foundation Program in fidelity with intensity and frequency, and when this is done, students will develop the skills required of them.

Foundation Term 1 Teaching Sequence
This may mean that the Term 1 (Pre-Stage 1 CVC skills) may take longer to teach, than just Term 1. But start with the Term 1 Teaching Sequence Outline and make sure you are presenting 'short-frequent sessions' with the flip books as often as possible. This means within the literacy block, but also utilising transitions in and out of the classroom. Using the opportunities when going to speacialist classes and also at the beginning and end of the day when students are gathered on the mat together.

This also means utiling the EA/TA to support your teaching with small groups.

Flip books used in the short, frequent sessions during Term 1.
Exception to the rule:
If a student has a diagnosis, you will may need to drop down to the Early Years to cater for their individual needs outlined in their Education Plan. In this case, increase the frequency and intensity of your instruction and teaching.

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Updated on: 15/12/2022

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