My first suggestion is to plot your class on the PLD tracking sheets. Here is the link to register for the sheets.

If a proportion of your class is complicated is struggling with CVC, then you should use the Year 1 template titled Low Junior Primary Classes.

This allows low CVC students to also have their pre-CVC (or semester 1 Foundation) skills to be profiled.
No, I wouldn't necessarily suggest progressing back to a PLD 'Early Years' focus on syllables etc. If students end up funded (with a diagnosis that provides TA or EA time) then you can really individualism the process and then you can integrate an Early Years process if that is appropriate.
Use the Low Junior Primary Class tracking sheet suggested.
Refer to the Year 1/2 Screening and Tracking Manual. There is a section that is relevant to low entry students. Refer to page 34 and 35. In particular present the three subtests inside the red box on page 35.
Enter these test scores (only for the students who are struggling with CVC) into your Low Junior Primary Class spreadsheet.

We at PLD are always happy to take a look at your class profile once you have entered the test scores.

Make sure you have wiewed the two videos within Step 4 of this section of the web site:

Apologies, but a few more conditions before you send your class profile through.

We only view class profiles: As long as they are plotted on a whole school spreadsheet (i.e. with more than single classes plotted onto a spreadsheet). Receiving separate classes from the one school on Excel sheets is not efficient.

Related to above, we require the spreadsheet in a 'cloud-based' format and not EXCEL. To achieve this you may need to speak to your IT staff member about how to convert multiple classes onto the one sheet and also how to convert the supplied PLD spreadsheets into a 'cloud-based' version.

Once cloud-based, share with [Please know I do not retain the link, but only access while assisting schools].

Ideally, schools also need to engage their literacy coordinator. Rather than purely communicating to individual classroom teachers, I request that we involve the school's literacy coordinator in the process. PLD aims to build the capacity of school leaders to champion the PLD process.

Very happy to assist.
Kind regards,
Diana Rigg
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