Parents are often aware of when their child requires extra support within the home, to extend their performance in school. While PLD predominately works with teachers, to support their classroom programs, we do often some support the parents.

The first step is to complete a spelling placement test which can be found on pages 10-16 in the 2020 Phonic & Sight Word Sequence. This will establish your child's current stage and identify the appropriate PLD program for their level. From the spelling placement test, it is suggested that the stages are converted into percentages. Progress through the screen until your child starts making errors. At this point the child can be asked to cease the screen as their earliest point of difficulty has been identified.

Phonic Sight Word Sequence Sample

Typically, allow a mistake or two, but when accuracy drops under 85% it indicates that some skill development work needs to be done. Establish the stage that your child would benefit from some skill strengthening before moving onto the next level/stage.

Sample Spelling Test

Now that you have located the stage at which efforts need to focus, the starting point has been established.

Program Suggestions
The 2020 Phonic & Sight Word Sequence outlines Foundation to Year 6 phonic and spelling concepts. It is PLD's best selling program and a very useful guide to plan and implement spelling and phonic concepts relevant to your child's specific needs.
A second relevant program is the Phonic Dictation series - as there are corresponding stage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 books which provide phonic passages for reading, editing practice and writing practice. Once you have established you child's stage of operating, click on the links below to view the most relevant program.
Stage 1 Phonic Dictation
Stage 2 Phonic Dictation
Stage 3 Phonic Dictation
Stage 4 Phonic Dictation
Stage 5 Phonic Dictation
Stage 6 Phonic Dictation
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