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I have entered the testing onto tracking sheets. Can I get feedback on my class data?

Thank you for either requesting feedback from your testing or for requesting assistance.

At PLD we have worked with hundreds of schools and we have created a relatively simple student tracking process that converts paper-based testing into useful teachable data on tracking sheets.

Step 1: Request the PLD tracking sheets:

Step 2: View to insert the percentage scores for your last round of testing into the tracking sheets. Refer to the relevant video at the base of this page For example if, in Year 3, you will need to refer to the circled videos below.

After your data is entered using the PLD prepared tracking sheets and your data has been analysed using the processes in step 2/the recommended videos, Diana Rigg is then open to viewing the data and providing feedback. She will only provide feedback if steps 1 and 2 have been followed. You can email tracking sheets to Please keep in mind, that Diana will only provide feedback when steps 1 and 2 have properly followed. Diana will only provide feedback to the PLD recommended processes, rather than when schools/teachers create their own spreadsheets.

Another alternative exists within the school holidays sessions. Diana runs regular small group sessions in which schools can bring in their data and receive feedback. You can register for these half-day sessions here:

All the best with preparing or working with your testing.

Updated on: 17/07/2020

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