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I have 5 levels in my Year 1 class. Do you have any suggestions?

Step 1 has been completed. The placement test has been administered [Link: ] and I can also see that you have entered your data into the tracking sheets [Link: ] I can also see that you have highlighted the cell or cells that you intend to target over the next 10 weeks within the term. You have made a great start but ...I would like to suggest an alternative to just looking down the columns and counting up the students in each highlighted column. According to your tracking sheet below are your groups:
Stage 1 target 1 - 3 students
Stage 1 target 2 - 6 students
Stage 1 target 3 - 2 students
Stage 1 target 4 - 3 students
Stage 2 - 3 students
Step 1 completed

Alternative Option 1:
Four groups

Alternative Option 2:
Three groups;focused upon combination lists

While every Year 1 class is different, combination lists also do need to be considered.

A sample Year 1 class

Updated on: 22/10/2019

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