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How has the 2024 literacy sequence for the Early Years changed?

The Early Years Literacy sequence has has been updated in line with research in 2024. As you will be aware, PLD strives to be an evidence based and evidence informed SSP provider.

The Term 2 section of the sequence has been updated in line with the existing research. In previous years, initial sound awareness has been taught independently (and before) alphabet sounds (starting with satpin).

However research is calling for phonemic awareness to be taught in conjunction with the mapping to the sounds. Hence, simultaneously, as children learn to 'hear, say and think about' the initial || phonemes in words, they also will begin their journey of learning the alphabet sounds and forming the alphabet sounds.

This is an imperative foundational skill that sets children up for success later in the year. It is a minor change, and one which should secure stronger results for children.

The tracking sheets, the outlines and the assessment cycles in 2024 reflect this change.

Early Years Term 2 Summary Overview

This will then have a flow on effect into Foundation. Stage 1 Targets 1, 2 and 3 will be covered by the end of the year for the Tier 1 students and onset and rime blending has been removed from Foundation.

Updated on: 18/04/2024

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