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How has the 2024 literacy sequence for Foundation changed?

The Foundation Teaching Sequence has been updated in line with research in 2024. As you will be aware, PLD strives to be an evidence based and evidence informed SSP provider. The result of these changes for Foundation means that student outcomes should be stronger.

Historically in Term 1 Pre - CVC skills were taught. These include:

Research suggests that phonemic awareness in isolation is no longer recommended but rather mapping phonemic awareness to words while learning to blend and segment is the way forward. Now in Term 1 while acquiring Pre - CVC skills (ie alphabet sounds and phonemic awareness) students also engage in single word adult assisted CVC decoding and encoding tasks.

Therefore, the Term 1 Summary Overview in Foundation now has adult assisted single word spelling. This allows students to apply the prerequisite skills they are learning into the context of reading and spelling. Students need exposure to encoding and decoding tasks whilst making sure that these tasks are highly supported by the teacher.

In Term 2 there is also a CVC focus, decoding and encoding more words (ideally with reduced adult assistance) alongside sentence level reading and dictation. The difference being that in Term 1 CVC is at a single word level only and also within the context of adult assisted tasks. Term 2 CVC progresses to sentence level.

Foundation Term 1 Summary Overview

This then has a flow on effect into Year 1. The focus will be on Target 4 of Stage 1 in Term 1 and then Stage 2 to be largely covered by the end of Year 1 for Tier 1 students.

Updated on: 18/04/2024

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