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How and When Should I Teach 'ie' as in /igh/?

'ie' (as in pie) can be found in base words such as lie, tie, and die. However 'ie' features most predominantly as a change to the base word with a 'y' spelling before the suffix 'es' or 'ed' e.g., apply->applies or applied.

How should the 'ie' spelling as in /igh/ be taught, considering it is not included in the Teaching Sequence Manuals?

The Phonic and Sight Word Sequence book includes 5 words (pie, lie, tie, die, and tied) in the Stage 2 word lists (pg. 82).

In Year 1, Term 4, Week 7 revises 'i-e' and teaches 'y' phonic concepts. Therefore, it is recommended that 'ie' words are integrated in Week 7 or 8 teaching.

The 'y' as in /igh/ is found in word list 35 from the Structure Synthetic Phonics Time-Savers Stage 1 & 2 book can be used to illustrate how 'ie' is used to change a base word 'y' into third person present tense e.g., "I cry" vs. "She cries" and past tense "I cried".

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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