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Heggarty and PLD's SSP program. Can the two programs be used together?

PLD offers a structured synthetic phonics program with some embedded phonemic awareness training in Term 1 Foundation;
Blending three phonemes (to fast-track students into decoding)
Segmentation (to fast-track students into spelling).

Yes, Heggarty can be presented in conjunction with PLD's SSP program.

Keep in mind that Heggarty of auditory and oral and quite fast-paced. For students who are struggling with phonemic awareness, PLD's programs above offer:
Pictorial support (to support the oral instruction), e.g. ' Guess this picture?' or 'Sound out this word/picture'
PLD's programs also provide instructions to support weaker students (e.g. continuous blending rather than just discontinuous blending and tips to reduce pausing between sounds and repetition.)
Many schools feed back to the PLD office, that the Tier 2 and 3 students particularly benefit from the PLD phonemic awareness flipbooks.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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