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Do you offer information directly to parents? Or does PLD support schools to work with their parent communities?

Parents may from time to time raise concerns about a school's implementation of PLD.

At PLD we are not in a position to deal with these concerns directly. Success in each of PLD’s core areas of Literacy, Movement and Motor and Oral Language, involves three components: Professional Development, Programs, and Screening and Student Tracking.

At PLD we consult directly to schools and are not in a position to provide direct parent support to issues raised.  This is a matter that parents will need to take up directly with the school. Schools will require an adequate level of PLD books to implement the teaching and learning well. However, in our experience purchasing the books does not necessarily equate to strong implementation. Schools also need to invest in teacher training and internal monitoring.

Success with PLD

Here is a link to the online courses:
Here is a link to assessment and monitoring which will form the basis of the explicit instruction:
The PLD assessments are all available on the website, so you can also check in on the levels your child is operating at:

PLD is always available if schools needs to refine their implementation PLD, so that they maximise the benefits to students and the school community.

Below you will find the location of the parent education resources on the PLD website:

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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