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Can Tier 3 Students / IEP Students / Students with and EA or TA be integrated into Whole Class Teaching?

Research suggests that daily reviews and whole-class teaching is appropriate for 90% of students. However, when students' skills have deviated from the existing range in the ability within the class this is difficult.

If these students have an allocated EA/TA, a separate and individualised teaching plan can be devised and executed.
As per the Three-tier approach (below) , these children are your 'Tier 3' and require long-term individual and personalised teaching.

For further informaiton on how best to use EA/TA support during the SSPl lesson follow this link.

If there is no EA/TA support it will be difficult to provide students with an individualised program and efforts to integrate the students can be made.

Remember: Once students are Tier 3, a highly individualised and seperate teaching is recommended

You can request support with your tracking sheets and talk about your Tier 3 students with our School Support Coordinators here.

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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