For a comprehensive guide to using the PLD Screens and Tracking Sheets as well as demonstration videos presented by Diana Rigg see our page Establishing a Consistent Screening and Tracking Process.

Time efficient tracking student development is central to the PLD process. The PLD tracking delivered each term, should assist teachers to determine the range in ability evident within the classroom. PLD advocates tracking from the Early Years until Year 6. To assist this process, PLD supplies excel (and Google) sheets which have been prepared.

Tab 1 and 2 provide two options for tracking skill development in the Early Years.

Tab 3, 4 and 5 provide options for tracking skill development within the Foundation school year.

Tab 6 and 7 provide two options for Year 1 classes. Tab 7 is particularly relevant for Year 1 classes which have a significant proportion of students who are unable to read, spell and write.

Following this are a range of Year 2-6 tracking sheets.

Towards the end is a sheet that can be adapted to the remote sector (which typically have the added challenge of students who are unable to read, spell and write in regular classrooms).

The final two spread sheets relate to individual profiling of skills; ideal for Education Support pre-literacy and early literacy profiling.

The tracking sheets are designed to be adapted, so that the layout matches the ‘whole school literacy plan’.

If you would like to receive a copy of these spreadsheets, please go here and request the Excel tracking sheets.

General guidelines for using the PLD excel spread sheet student tracking process can be found here.

Tip: Converting the Excel Sheet into a 'cloud-based' sheet (e.g. a Google Sheet) will enable multiple staff to access and enter data simultaneously.
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