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Bhutan online training in SSP

For the country of Bhutan, PLD has designed, filmed and uploaded an online course for junior primary teachers in Bhutan.

The course links to the newly updated curriculum and presents a modern approach to teaching students to read, spell and write based upon 'synthetic phonic theory (which is the international gold standard approach).

Students learn SOUNDS for the alphabet and phonic patterns.

Students learn to sound out new words when reading, spelling and writing.

The link to the course is located here:

Although donated by PLD to the country of Bhutan, the course has been handed over to the Ministry of Education. Any questions about the course or the content needs to be directed to the Ministry of Education in Bhutan, rather than PLD. 

For all enquiries about SSP materials, please contact Sangay Tshering at the Royal Education Council (

Updated on: 18/05/2021

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