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Are the PLD phonic spelling lists available in a digital format or on-line?

Are the PLD phonic spelling lists available in a digital format or on-line so teachers can copy & paste the students spelling words into their work files or for homework?

Unfortunately we don’t provide the word lists in a digital or online format. The reason being that teacher discretion needs to come into the process of selecting the words.

If English is not a first language, teachers may need to select words with the phonic pattern (or patterns) which consist of simple vocabulary.

If students are older, but don’t have the early phonic concepts, then teachers are wise to select more complex words from the phonic lists.

Then there are students who require ongoing revision and consolidation, in which teachers may focus upon a proportion of new words/concepts, but also also present concepts covered in previous weeks. (Refer to the first template below.)

As words become more complex from stages 3 and 4, teachers need to consider not only the phonic concepts, but words which match the vocabulary of the students. (Refer to the second template below.)

I understand however that you may be searching for time efficiency. Keep in mind that teachers typically create better spelling lists, when they aim to target the needs of their students (as opposed to cutting and pasting words from general lists).

Two options are listed below for how teachers should be striving to target the needs of the students within the process of selecting spelling list words.

Updated on: 21/02/2020

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