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A student has completed the Early Reading Screen. They have got 100%. Where do we look for the next steps to support their reading?

First: Has your student completed the Early Reading Profile?

Did they score 100%, with whole word reading that is fast and without decoding?
The Early Reading Profile is found in the Screening & Tracking Manual.
Early Reading Profile Results of fast and whole word reading with 100% accuracy.
Second: Is the student reading 60+ words per minute (with minimal decoding)?

Check their Fluency and Words Read Correct Per Minute.
A blog on Fluency and Words Correct Per Minute can be found here.
Words Correct Per Minute found in the Screening & Tracking Manual.
Then: your student is ready to transition off decodable reading books and onto mini-novels/graphic novels.

From here on in, you will need to check their reading age using a standardised test for reading accuracy and comprehension.
Which standardised assessment does PLD recommend?
Why is it beneficial to integrate annual end of year standardised annual testing?

Updated on: 30/03/2023

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