As we use Eventbrite for our seminar ticket sales, credit card is the primary payment method
available and makes it quick and easy for you to make a purchase and be registered for a seminar
immediately. However, if you don’t have access to a credit card (whether a school/work one or a
personal one you could use and be reimbursed by your school/employer), then yes we are able to
provide you with an invoice so you/your employer/school is able to process the payment and we can
then register you for the seminar(s) you wish to attend.

To request an invoice, please contact us and copy and paste the below text into the e-mail and complete
the details:

Attendee name:
E-mail address:
Contact number:
Position (e.g. teacher):
Seminar title:
Seminar date:
Invoice contact name:
Invoice postal address:
Purchase order number:

Once we receive your request we’ll respond to your e-mail with an invoice.
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