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How do I manage (or cancel) automatic renewals for my school licence?

Payments for School Licences are automatically processed on the renewal date using the credit card supplied at the time of the initial purchase. You will receive renewal reminder emails prior to the renewal date so you will have time to consider whether you would like to retain your School Licence or cancel it prior to the renewal date.

If you would like to turn auto-renew on or off for your subscription, please follow these steps:

Go to 'My account' ( and click on the order which contains the subscription.

Under the 'Related Subscriptions' section, click on 'View' and the option for 'Auto-renew' is displayed, allowing you to turn this on or off as required. See image below:

Note: If you turn off auto-renew, you will still have access to the products for which you have an active subscription for the remainder of your subscription period, however access will be revoked automatically if your payment is not received by the renewal date.

If you require assistance with renewing (or cancelling) your school licence, please get in touch via live chat and we'll be happy to assist you.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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