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How do I add a teacher to a School Licence?

Go to and click on the “Send Invite” tab.
Enter the email addresses of staff members you would like to share license access with.
After entering the email addresses (1 email address per line), click the “Send Invitation” button.

Invited users will receive an email invitation and by clicking on the link in the email, they will be able to create an account on the PLD website and have access to all resources under the School’s Licence. To view the purchased subscriptions, they can click 'My Account' at the top of the screen and select the 'My Subscriptions' tab, or go directly to

Clicking on the “Manage Invites” tab will allow you to see all users who have access to the license and remove access for any staff who are no longer employed at your school. More info on that here.

Note: A School Licence can only be used and shared with staff who are a member of the same school. If you send an invitation to someone who already has an account on the PLD website, their existing account will automatically be added to the subscription and they will immediately have access to the available resources.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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